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Umberto Eco Lesung

Umberto Eco Lesung


Umberto Eco Lesung


„…She accompanied our Italian artists, among them Andrea Bocelli, at interviews, press conferences, etc. Her efforts were distinguished by the highest level of professionalism, flexibility, and excellent linguistic Competence…“

Universal, Polydor

„Congratulations from the proof-reader and the customer for your great translation!“

Übersetzungen Brigitta Möller

“…She fulfilled our assignment to our fullest satisfaction, especially through her very good knowledge of the language as well as her very good technical understanding … We are grateful for her very enthusiastic work, and would be delighted to be able to continue our collaboration with her.”


„…the excellent performance provided by Ms Giribaldi-Pompetzki is marked by her high level of professionalism and experience …Her flexibility, speed, and reliability made her a valued and essential collaborator…”

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