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Are you looking for a highly competent, reliable and discreet interpreter for the languages Italian (A), German (B) and English (C)?

You found the right person and I would be pleased to offer you the most professional interpreting services for your:


Press conferences


Bilateral meetings


Author readings

Board of directors and supervisory committee meetings


Shareholders meetings

Contract or economical negotiations


Plant tours



Translating or interpreting?

While translations are made in writing, interpreting takes place orally. If you need a translation, I will personally translate your specific texts, or competent and qualified colleagues will do so, under my responsibility. Always according to the mother tongue principle (the text is always translated into the desired language by a native speaker).

simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting takes place with the help of conference technology: Microphones, soundproof booths and headphones are required. Simultaneous interpreting enables the spoken word to be interpreted into one or more languages with a short time delay. This technology is therefore also suitable for multilingual conferences. In simultaneous interpreting, 2 interpreters per booth always work together and alternate every half hour.

consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the oldest form of interpreting. In this case, the interpreter is delayed: first the speaker speaks, then, with the help of notes, the interpreter interprets. In bilateral consecutive interpreting or conversation interpreting, I act as interpreter in both language directions. This type of interpreting has largely been replaced by simultaneous interpreting, but is still used at some events (e.g. highly specialised symposia, business lunches, small groups and local meetings).

whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting (also called Cuchotage = French for whispering) is a type of simultaneous interpreting, but without conference technology. I whisper to the audience what the speaker said. This type of interpretation is only suitable for 1 to 3 listeners and only for a short time due to the vocal and acoustic load.


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