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I offer the most complete range of interpretation services. Please contact me. We will then consider the setting, the number of participants and other specific needs and together we will find a personalised solution, and a suitable and appropriate interpretation service.

Just in case more languages are involved, I will be pleased to put together a cohesive and highly skilled team. If needed, I will also take care of the technical equipment (interpretation booths, microphones, screens, mobile interpreting units, etc.). 


 Simultaneous interpretation (e.g. conferences, award presentations)

 Mediatory interpretation (e.g. sales discussions, negotiations)

 Whisper interpretation (e.g. seminars/ training sessions for individual persons or small groups)

 Consecutive interpretation (e.g. press conferences, presentations, openings of art exhibitions)

 Factory tours

 Web streaming


Translation of:

 Conference documentation

 Press materials

 Advertising material

 Internet presentations


 Technical translations (e.g. operating instructions)

All specialist texts are provided either by me or by competent, experienced colleagues under my direction.


These services are available within Europe.